This is my happy place.

Current Squees:
+ Sherlock
(and Benedict Cumberbatch in general)
+ The Cornetto Trilogy
+ Spaced
(and Simon Pegg in general)
+ Suits
+ Misfits
+ Star Trek
+ Game of Thrones
+ The Following
+ Hannibal
+ Kimi Raikkonen
+ Sam Rockwell
+ The Office (UK)
(and Martin Freeman in General)
+ Ricky Gervais
+ Derren Brown
+ Dynamo
+ The Big Bang Theory
+ How I Met Your Mother
+ Rules of Engagement
+ The Avengers
+ The Hobbit

+ Lestrolly
+ Mystrade
+ Marvey
+ Shenny
+ Barbin
+ Salisha

It's mostly fangirling here.


Benedict Cumberbatch can knock a man down without even throwing a real punch.
I’m serious, look at that last gif.


“My work is for the public and my life is for myself”.

You are absolutely gorgeous. I just had to say that. I hope your day is fantastic! Sincerely, roadlife2011

Oh my gosh, that is so lovely! Thank you! *blushes*

#TransformationTuesday All my hairstyles & colours over the last couple of years or so. No wonder my hair was so damaged! #hair #tt #hairstyles #haircolour #haircolor #hairdye #selfie #me

Ooh, it’s me! #selfie

#ThrowbackThursday to when I was windswept in Torquay! I loved this holiday with Chris! #tbt #me #windswept #hair #wtf #niceface #DERP

Gone for some curls today ☺️ #hair #fringe #bangs #brunette #me #selfie #hairstyle #curlyhair #wavyhair

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People tend to forget that before all these newer movies came out like The Avengers and American Hustle. There were these. Beautiful movies that are so underappreciated in today’s society. Most people don’t know the Clark Gable is the…


There is a strange sort of reasoning in Hollywood that musicals are less worthy of Academy consideration than dramas. It’s a form of snobbism, the same sort that perpetuates the idea that drama is more deserving of Awards than comedy." -Gene Kelly

Favorite Movies - Singin’ In The Rain (1952)
"What’s the first thing an actor learns? The show must go on! Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show must go on!"